We are a group of engineers and electricians who understand the importance of green energy and sustainability in today’s world.

Solar Panel Design and Installation

Providing personalised support through design to installation, our qualified installers have the skills and expertise needed to suit your needs.

Solar Electrical Services

Whether is it a repair, replacement or refurbishment, our specialised solar electricians will ensure your solar system is running at full capacity again.

Energy Efficiency Audits

To maximise savings on your power bill, our energy efficient audits will find out how your power is used and where it is being wasted, offering expert advice on improvements personalised for you.

Smart Monitoring Installation

With smart monitoring devices you have complete control over your energy consumption, let us help you better understand when and how you can consume power to improve your savings.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Noticed a steady decline in the power generated from your solar system? This may be due to a build up of dirt or salt on your panels. Let us do the dirty work for you and give your system a well deserve clean.

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